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GeoTenerife, ecological, scientific and technical tours

GeoTenerife was founded to help universities, institutions of higher education and individuals organise quality educational tours in Tenerife, across a range of disciplines and specialties.

With over fifteen years’ personal experience organising group visits and expeditions, we have an extensive network of contacts throughout the island to help you maximise your time in Tenerife.

Mount Teide

Tenerife is a veritable paradise for the eager scientist. It is punctured by over 1500 galleries (water collection by horizontal tunnels) reaching down to some 5 km. Its "laurisilva" forests are some of the surviving few in the world. Of genuine interest to botanists and naturalists, they are home to many rare endemic species of animals and plants. Tenerife is also home to the world's third largest volcano, Teide, a World Heritage Site.


The uneven and steep orography of the island and its variety of climates gave rise to a diversity of landscapes and geographical and geological formations, from the Teide National Park, with its extensive pine forests, to the volcanic landscape at the summit of Teide and Malpais de Guimar, to the giant cliffs at Los Gigantes with their vertical precipices. Semidesert areas abound in the south with drought-resistant plants and other areas range from those protected and enclosed in mountains such as Montaña Roja and Montaña Pelada, valleys and forests with subtropical vegetation and climate, to the deep gorges and precipices at Anaga and Teno.

Milky Way and Mount Teide Bugloss
Teide nevado


Tenerife has a remarkable ecological diversity in spite of its small surface area. Its extensive network of microclimates and corresponding habitats gives rise to diverse flora (over 1400 species of plants), with well over 100 entirely endemic to Tenerife. The fauna of the island has many endemic invertebrates and unique reptile, bird and mammal species.


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Not surprisingly therefore, almost 50% of the island is under protection from the Canary Islands Network of Protected Natural Areas. As well as the Teide National Park it includes the Crown Forest, two rural parks (Anaga and Teno), four integral natural reserves, six special natural reserves, fourteen natural monuments, nine protected landscapes and six sites of scientific interest.
Tenerife - an island overflowing with scientific heritage, a perfect natural laboratory, more diverse, compact and easier to access even than Hawaii. Where else can you access, so easily and clearly, millions of years' worth of the earth's history in all its guises?

Lectures and tours can be organised in English or Spanish. For other languages, we can arrange to supply a translator.
Whatever your requirements or field of interest, don’t hesitate to contact us. We relish a challenge!

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